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KROTKIn offers a variety of products which makes your work as professional DoP, Photographer, Gaffer or Lighting Technician  much easier.  Lighting jobs can be tricky and you allways have a time limit.  When you choose KROTKIn ready designed sets you won’t need to wonder beforehand what kind of reflectors might be needed on set – you’ll have everything you need ready to go packed in the  Set-in-a-Bag: Reflector Set, Colour Bounce Board Set or Mirror Set.

KROTKIn’s ready designed sets simplify the lighting process and save precious time on set. All this saved time will allow you to try different reflectors and offer alternative setups when needed. Reflectors and Colour Bounce Boards are a breeze to handle and mount with the PointGrip and PointGrip Maxi braces.

A professional storage and transport system is necessary when you work in field. KROTKIn bags are made to withstand a tough life. The bags are water repellent and also have an extra water resistant cover.

KROTKIn products have been tested in real life in the harshest of environments. User feedback has been, and will be, intertwined  with product development.

And yes: There are numerous possibilites to combine Reflectors and Colour Bounce Boards in one Bag! We are happy  to help you to create a customized KROTKIn Set according to your needs – contact our distributors or us!

As the manufacturer of KROTKIn products, Raybounce LTD takes environmental responsibility seriously. Reducing environmental impact is at the core of our products. And we are proud to tell that all our products are made by hands belonging to experienced professionals, and made in Finland. Meet one of our subcontractors: Special Bag – Erikoislaukku Oy 

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I am Manu Haapala, gaffer and electrician from Helsinki, Finland, co-owner of KROTKIn.

I started my career in the middle of the 1980s, and since then I have tried to find proper hard surface reflectors and bounce boards. In the film industry, good factory-made solid surface reflectors have been slightly larger. Smaller reflectors are often self-made and disposable without decent frames or corners.

Now, a few decades later I had the time to look into the problem and create a solution. I am now proud to introduce the KROTKIn® Reflectors, Mirrors, Grips and Bags.

I wish you a good workflow with these new tools!